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Let's Start to Play It Smart.

Let’s face it; This isn’t really a one-off job. On any exterior surface, mold takes less than 48 hours to begin growing back after a Pressure Wash. Every six months, you will be calling again to get it cleaned over and over- Rinse and Repeat.

Our innovative Play It Smart program aims to save consumers thousands by cutting the cost of regular cleaning maintenance by more than half- all by remaining non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Its Time to Play It Smart

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Reducing costs & labor

The national average cost of pressure washing is at a staggering $0.40 per square foot, which rises every year with inflation.

With Element we offer long-term cleaning solutions that can be maintained for as little as $0.15 per square foot- both residentially and commercially.

And the best part? The environmental impact is zero.


Zero Environmental Impact

We pride ourselves in being the only Pressure Washing company in the Greater Naples Area to rely strictly on water and household detergents.

Standard practice in the Pressure Washing industry is simply to use bleach before cleaning. To clean a driveway, however, it takes roughly 30 fluid ounces of pure bleach for the average 400 square foot driveway.

That’s enough bleach to harm:
– 1 Asian Elephant
– 30 Human Beings
– 400 Household Cats and Dogs
– 1000 Wild Hares
– 3000 Florida Birds

We follow a strict “No-Bleach” policy in all of our cleanings. Of course, this does not just mean No Bleach; it means No Bleach, Chlorine, Acid, Sodium Hydroxide or Phosphates.

Our Services

Along with the Chemical-free Pressure Washing of Concrete, Pavers, Tile, and Patios, we also offer an “Eco-Care” maintenance program that gently cleans and prevents mold on the exterior of the home. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.


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Our Work

Take a look at some of our recent work, before and after.

"Never in my 30 years of living in my home have I seen my patio look this clean. These guys do a phenomenal job!"
Connie S.
Great work! Loved that my wife's grass was kept safe since they do not use the harsh chemicals!! Look at how much greener the grass looks with a clean driveway! Best pressure washer in Florida.
Shaun P.

About Grant Putnam


A driven entrepreneur at 18 years old, Grant has been running Element since late 2020, where it all started out of a bored Tuesday afternoon that turned into knocking on doors in his neighborhood. A sincere Environmentalist, Grant is looking to make a difference directly in his community, where actual and direct change is most viable- at the home and in our city of Naples. His goal is to reimagine Pressure Washing into a service harmless to Florida wildlife, and be able to reach other young people, and educate them on what it means to be an entrepreneur and to give to the community,